The Bordeaux Museum of Arts displays ESMOD student's work

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As part of its public development policy, the Museum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux is committing for the second consecutive year to a partnership with educational institutions of crafts. This year, a carte blanche is given to ESMOD Bordeaux around an ambitious educational project enhancing the collection of the museum. This exhibition weaves links between the worlds of art and fashion; two worlds that are not very far apart from each other, inviting students to take inspiration from the museum's works to create something new.

Each class worked on a project inspired by artists in the museum's collections:

The first year students present two creations, in the form of two different readings naturalist painter Alfred Smith’sThe Quays of Bordeaux, dating from 1892: one conceptual, the other expressive and plastic. Both interpretations boast large dimensions that reach the height of the museum’s space.


For the second year, reflections around the link between art and fashion led to the creation of a kimono inspired by the work of Henri Hamm (1871-1961). This piece is on display in the museum to attract those with a curiosity of for fashion, and will be presented during the ESMOD show in June 2018 to introduce the world of fashion lovers to the art world.

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