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ESMOD Fashion Business is one of the first French Business Schools dedicated to Fashion and Lifestyle, founded in 1989 in Paris by ESMOD Group. The 5 key words that describe the school are : Creating, producing, communicating, selling, innovating…
Because creation does not exist alone: it is conceived, produced, studied, analysed, marketed, communicated, digitised... As early as 1989, and in response to the growing demands of fashion companies that are looking for "business" profiles with a real knowledge of the fashion market, ESMOD decided to devote its Fashion expertise to establishing one of the first business schools exclusively dedicated to Fashion and Lifestyle: ESMOD Fashion Business.
The programmes are taught by professionals who share their experience with students to give them a realistic and thorough understanding of the diversity of Fashion Business careers. The programmes are reviewed each year at Development Board sessions to meet the needs of the profession, market changes and technological evolution within the industry.
To be a student in Fashion Business at ESMOD Fashion Businessis to learn marketing and communication, to forge a complete fashion culture, to get to know the organisation and functioning of the various sectors of the fashion industry, to learn the basics of law, budget management and merchandising, to become familiar with the phases of collection production, to master fashion vocabulary, to get to know different distribution methods, to receive training in Creative Management and ethical and sustainable fashion…


If this description fuels your desire to work in fashion, then our Fashion Business courses are made for you! 2 State accredited diplomas*, one accessible with Bac +3 (i.e., A Levels plus 3 years of higher education) and the other with Bac +5 (A Levels plus 5 years of higher education), 1 foundation program, and 1 short course (summer course) form a corpus that will fulfil your ambitions and give you access to a wide range of exciting professions.

Our programs :


Head of Commercial & Communication Strategy in Fashion Industry / duration : 3 years / State accredited diploma with Level II (RNCP) - comparable to a Bachelor
The "Head of Commercial and Communication Strategy in Fashion Industry" Diploma, accredited by the State as Level II, registered under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) by ministerial decree of 9 January 2015, published in the Official Journal of 30 January 2015.


Manager of International Development in Fashion & Luxury Industry / duration : 2 years/ State accredited diploma with level I (RNCP) - comparable to a Master
The “Manager of International Development in Fashion & Luxury Industry" Diploma, State accredited with Level I registration under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) by ministerial decree of 8 December 2017, published in the Official Journal of 21 December 2017.

"Foundation course in Fashion Design & Business" / duration : 6 months Summer course in Fashion Business / duration : 4 weeks (July)
Certificate of completion from ESMOD​


The premises

Situated on the border of Greater Paris, close to the headquarters of Chanel, Hermès and major Parisian cultural institutions (La Philharmonie de Paris, the Grande Halle de la Villette, etc.), the Pantin campus is home to students on "Fashion Business" (ESMOD Fashion Business) courses as well as the third-years on the "Fashion Design" (ESMOD) programme with whom they will work on Team Building*.

In a magnificent building built in the 1920s, which once housed the former branch of the Banque de France, with an area of 3,500m², around a bright atrium of 650m², enhanced by a partial mezzanine and modular rooms, the school aims to offer its students a unique environment. Cutting-edge equipment is available in specially adapted spaces: a large capacity multipurpose room for conferences or fashion-focused events, and equipped outdoor terrace areas complete this setting designed for the well-being of all. 

*Team building: partnership consisting of a 3rd-year ESMOD student and a 4th-year ESMOD Fashion Business student, jointly working on a collection project, one on the creative aspect of the collection, the other on its business aspect. 

ESMOD Fashion Business, a career-centred course

ESMOD Fashion Business’ philosophy is always to bring its students as close as possible to the realities of the fashion industry. This is why the courses are taught by professionals in the fashion and lifestyle sectors.  These courses bring them a constantly updated vision of the fashion professions, in the fields of Marketing, Communication, Sales and Production.
In the conviction that experience in the field is essential when learning marketing and communication, ESMOD Fashion Business makes it a point of honour to integrate into all its diploma courses one or more internship periods lasting from 3 to 6 months. These internships are a unique opportunity for students to put the knowledge they have acquired into practice but also to learn to adapt to procedures and expectations that differ from one company to another. Perseverance, adaptation and initiative are all assets that will allow them to convert this experience into a true passport to professional success. Besides, it is common for internships to end up in a job!

Throughout the year, ESMOD Fashion Business strives to put its students in touch with the profession through different tools and events.
Jobs & Internship Platform:
Students benefit from daily internship and job offers via their dedicated space, placed online by numerous prestigious fashion houses.
An essential tool to create a significant professional base of contacts during and after their studies.
Practical Guides:
In order to help students in their first search for internships or jobs, the school provides them with practical guides giving the best advice to optimise their search. These guides are complemented by a list of contacts from recruiting companies and a guide to the fashion professions.
The school provides guidance to its students, with the support of the recruitment firm “Fashion Expert”, in the preparation of their CVs and coaches them for professional interviews so that they muster every chance in their favour to find the ideal internship or their future job.
Recruitment Partnerships:
Each year ESMOD Fashion Business organises recruitment sessions enabling students and former students to apply for creative positions in France and abroad.
Support in setting up a company:
In order to support its students in their projects, ESMOD Fashion Business has established several partnerships with institutions dedicated to provide support in the creation of a label. From participatory financing to coaching in marketing, these organisations provide students with real strategic support that contributes to the success of their project, which the school broadcasts via its communication media.


Jobs in Fashion industry

The issue of opportunities remains crucial when one is choosing one's course, and all the more so in the fashion sector, which has not always enjoyed good market press. Even so, with almost a million jobs generated by the fashion and textile sector, we can only be optimistic about the future of our graduates, while keeping a close eye on changes in a market whose needs are veering towards increasingly specific profiles. ESMOD Fashion Business’ strength is to meet its commitments on the follow-up and integration of its students in this market.

Director of International Business Development
Wholesale & Retail Sales Director
Sales Manager
Head of Online Sales
Collections Buyer
Head of Visual Merchandising
Customer Relationship Manager
Head of Sales Administration
Head of Marketing
Collection Manager
Brand Manager
Product Manager
Category Manager
Head of Communication
Press Officer
Events Manager
Web Communication Manager
Community Manager
Digital Project Manager
Editor / Journalist…
Production Manager
Procurement Officer (formerly purchasing manager)
Supply Chain Manager
Head of QC 


Creation & Business, the best mix

Being a graduate of a business school specialising in fashion does not prevent you from cultivating a certain creative sensibility; and creativity always plays a part in our teaching at ESMOD Fashion Business. What is more, it is from creativity that the best marketing strategies in recent years have originated. This combination of Marketing and Creation can also be put to use when launching one’s own label, as certain ESMOD Fashion Business graduates have not hesitated to do, armed with their knowledge of the fashion market acquired during their course.
Fashion is a transversal market and there are always bridges between creation and business, which are increasingly interconnected.
The Team Building work done by the 4th year ESMOD Fashion Business Business students and the 3rd year students on the ESMOD Fashion Design course are the perfect example of this, so much so that it is not unusual to find our young graduates forming Creative/Marketing pairs for a the same label.

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