ESMOD participates in the First CESUM Session

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Starting from the fact that the world of engineering and the world of creation often remain foreign to each other, at a time when everything should however bring them closer together, the Conference of the Higher Schools of Fashion has launched the initiative to bring these two worlds together in order to bring them to collaborate in order to offer an ever more advanced fashion & textile to innovation.

Like that, CESUM called on several French fashion schools and engineers to meet at a seminar held on 7 February at La Fabrique, to take stock of traditional and emerging technologies and their potential applications on creative projects.

How to disseminate the engineering schools' research in the Creative Schools? 
How can emerging technologies be used in the teaching of all schools and with what synergies?

Teachers from 9 schools who participated in this seminar : l’ENSAIT, ESMOD, ITECH, LA FABRIQUE, DUPERRÉ, L’INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE, l’ENSAD et l’UNIVERSITÉ LYON 2.
Together, they exchanged experiences in order to establish common technical and lexical bases that will be the cement of future collaborations in the field of fashion and innovation.

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