ESMOD/ISEM opens its doors during the Patrimony Days

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The new ESMOD/ISEM site at Pantin opened the doors to the public on the occasion of the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine (the European Heritage Days) the 15th and 16th of September. The nearly 2000 visitors who responded to the invitation could go through a cultural path following the double history of the site, from a bank to fashion.

An opening exhibition dedicated to the history of ESMOD presented the fashion industry at the end of the 19th century through the vision of its founder : Alexis Lavigne.
Among period dresses and exclusive creations, the exhibition guided the visitors to an understanding of how the concept of ready-to-wear was born.
Student creations for the 3rd and 4th years of ESMOD were also showcased, as well as the new sectors and trades in the fashion industry, of which the evolution is paced by current innovations, as much in terms of artistic creation as in business.

After a detour into the former bill-sorting room, since transformed into pattern-cutting room, the visitors could discover the atmosphere of a sewing workroom, before visiting for the former cash and vaultroom (kept in condition) with an exhibition retracing the different steps of remodelling the building from the first hammerstrike to the final result.

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