Undergraduate program - The curriculum last 3 years
Bac in any area (english or french) Admission based on application and evaluation test

Head of commercial and communication strategy in fashion industry

This program is dedicated to the fashion business and specializes in marketing, communications and distribution in the designer and luxury markets, including textiles and accessories.

Objectives: Over three years students will learn not only the current practices of fashion marketing and communication. They will also experience their real-world applications and group projects, which will help to develop their overall proficiency in the world of fashion.
Students will look into the marketing issues of today and will be able to envision the challenges of tomorrow, applying the skills they have learned to resolve them. They will understand the reality of the fashion industry terrain and the role of each professional activity in marketing and communication. The followinginternships will reinforce the skills acquired in the classroom by allowing students to put them in play in the real world.
1st year
Introduction to the role of marketing, sales process and consumer habits. Formulation of a market research study in order to conceive a product extension strategy. Historical and sociological approach to fashion. Familiarization with textiles and their characteristics. The role of trend forecasting and its impact. Visits to fashion districts of Paris. Discovering the methodology behind a collection development. Business law and two foreign language courses are also included.
2nd Year:
The role of marketing in collection development, brand identity and politics of pricing. Introduction to the concept of distribution and channels. Delving into the different sectors of fashion and the textiles that are particular to each one. Forecasting and the sociology of fashion. Introduction to merchandising. An expansion of the study of business law and corporate finance. Introduction to the tools of communication and social media.  Continuation of foreign language classes.
3rd Year
Marketing in an international context, brand management and strategic markets. Methods for collection development, importing and sourcing. Applying merchandising strategies to fashion brands and e-commerce. International perspective of fashion as a cultural barometer, a thematic approach to fashion and art history. Familiarization with labor laws, legal protection of patents or brands and corporate finance and budgets. A continued study of communication strategies in fashion. The final project is based on launching a product extension for an already existing brand.

Head of Commercial and Communication Strategy in Fashion Industry : from September to June

Prices :

In Paris > 11 100€ + pedagogic pack at 202€ = 11 302€
In Roubaix and Bordeaux > 9500€ + pedagogic pack at 202€ = 9702€
In Lyon > 10 000€ + pedagogic pack at 202€ = 10 202€

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