Interview of Inès HADDAD - ISEM Paris (promo 2011)

What was your journey before coming to ISEM? Did you always know you wanted to be in the fashion field?

Before coming to ISEM, I was in my first year of masters in a school of commerce in Paris. My master was already specialized in marketing / luxury option.

I already had heart to work in fashion but as I was younger, it seemed like an unattainable goal. It is by the evolution of being in the school of commerce that I discovered that I was really interested in this sector. So I did my internships in the cosmetic and fashion sector. After my internships, I could not see myself do anything else than being in the ready-to-wear fashion marketing. The only way I could aim higher and to finalize the school program was to go into a fashion specialized master program. That is why I came to the master program of ISEM.


Let’s talk about your schooling at ISEM: what type of student were you? What are your best and worst memories?

I was a very discrete student in the beginning and as time went by, I became more comfortable because we have numerous group project and oral presentations. The projects quickly became very addictive and exciting. That is why I was a student very involved during my program. We were strong in the trade buyer, marketer and as well as being a product manager.

My best and worst memory is the hand-in of the thesis statement at the end of the year. I worked really hard during many weeks and the last night seemed to last forever because I had to go through everything before handing it in. It was also one of my best memory because I got great results and the launching of brands for young adults at Stella McCartney still stays one of the striking memories. We had to create on our own the branding for the brand, create a business plan, create on our own the collection and come up with different plans of communication and marketing for the brand. The project was a great achievement of everything we have learned throughout the year.


According to you, what makes the specialty of the postgraduate program that you were in? What did it bring to you?

First of all, I would say the international aspect. The overall of the classes were in English and we had a class with profiles that were completely different from each other: the nationalities and the multiple journey people went through, and through this it created a very divers and interesting relationships.

Second of all, the 1 year program that is very complete. Like I said before, the program helped me discern the domains and the aspects which I was the most interested to.


Tell us about your professional journey after ISEM, your tasks and responsibilities.

I did my end of the year internship at Sonia Rykiel as a Eshop assistant. I unfortunately did not get to finish the internship of 6 months because the offer I got for a positioned job at Morgan within the heart of the group of Beaumanoir ( I did my internship for the 4th year there) I started as a CRM (customer relationship manager) by managing the loyalty of the customers. The position changed a lot, so I got to touch different domain: management of the program of customers’ loyalty, the customers’ entertainment plans (sending letters, E-mails, text messages),the study of the customers (quality, quantity, price positionment, barometer, customer’s satisfaction) but also as a PRM (prospect relationship management), which means the customer recruitment operations through the partnerships, events in the shop, shopping night parties, etc…

By the 3rd year, I got the chance to being the manager of the CRM at ZAPA. I have stayed there ever since, and now it has been 10 months. The tasks are becoming more complex and dense, since I am in charge of the loyalty of the customers with the management of a loyalty program but also with operational marketing. My responsibilities grew and my tasks became even denser. I have two people in my team who manages the operational part of the whole general part of the project.


What are the qualities needed to do the tasks you are currently doing?

I realize that you have to be at the same time, rational, synthetic and down to earth but also creative of the latest trends and be very innovative. The textile market being in the a period of change, you have to be someone that thinks forward and knows to see the bigger picture to establish the most optimal strategies. It is a domain where you cannot mix the brand’s strategies and your personal tastes. On top of that, it is important to be interested in the general idea of the company and the marketing/CRM being attached to the main general domains. 


Tell us a little bit of you, your favorite designer, your recent favorites (shops,concepts,events…)

 I am currently a fan of Demna Gvasalia or Jacquemus who are changing little by little the luxury world. Their style is a little closer to the ready-to-wear worn in the street while influencing the new creativity.

I am also a fan of the H&M group, Monki,COS and &otherstories that are able to establish a long-term strategy and for me they are brands that are way ahead in the ready-to-wear sector (coherent to the mix marketing).

Finally, I love Marimekko (a growing finish brand), The Shape of the Season (digital concept store)  and of course, KENZO and Céline for their contemporaneity.

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