Interview with Margaux Eléonore MARSHALL ALBALADEJO

Margaux Eléonore MARSHALL ALBALADEJO – ESMOD Bordeaux – Graduating class of 2011/ISEM Paris – Graduating class of 2012

What did you do before you came to ESMOD? Did you always want to work in fashion?

Ever since I was little I have been passionate about what goes on behind the scene. I always wanted to know and understand the workings of clothing, the world of fashion, image, creation, and design. I wanted to become a journalist specialized in this domain and I wanted to know what I would talk about. So studying at ESMOD made perfect sense. I began with pattern-making and design of women’s clothing, then I specialized in menswear, especially tailoring.
In order to further my grasp of the world of products and to have a better understanding of the sector and markets, I went on to do postgraduate study at ISEM, specializing in marketing and communication.


Let’s get back to your education at ESMOD: what kind of student were you? What are your best (or worst) memories?

As a student I was passionate, invested, but most of all very organized. In my opinion, that is the key to succeeding at ESMOD and in the world of fashion in general. The most intense year of all of my schooling was my third year at ESMOD (the year I was specializing). It’s from that year that I had my worst and best memories.


What do you think is special about ESMOD and what are its strong points?

I think ESMOD is a school of know-how. Now I see to what extent having a global perspective is vital in professional life. Today, people need to be able to cover more than one base, so the designer is often also the pattern-maker, product manager or even the buyer. You can’t stay closed up in your area, on the contrary, it’s necessary to be open to various aspects of the business. ESMOD really provides that expertise. ESMOD’s strengths in my opinion are: know-how, a specific vision, and its international perspective.

Tell us about your career-path after ESMOD, your jobs and responsibilities, past and present…

During my postgraduate studies at ISEM, I had the good fortune to work in communications at Chloé for nine months, where I was assistant press attaché and head of project. I worked on product launches, fashion show productions, castings, advertising, and the “look books”. After I got my degree from ISEM, I had the pleasure of being junior press attaché at Hermès for over a year.
Today, I’m continuing my studies with a fifth year at the French Institute of Fashion.

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