Interview of Sandra Pergue - ESMOD Lyon (graduation 2007)

What was your path before coming to ESMOD? Did you always know you wanted to work in the fashion?


Since I was little, I always liked drawing. So I decided to go into fine arts from my junior year to obtain my fine arts diploma. This path allows to learn and perfection the cultural and design skills and to prepare towards the different professions: drawing, animation, architecture, product design, stylisme and more.

I really enjoyed this path and it really made me want to continue to learn a profession where I can draw and transform my drawings into fabrics and at the same time favoring the artisanal and manual methods. This is why I chose fashion and shoes.


Let’s talk about your schooling in ESMOD: what type of student were you? What are your best (or worst) memories?


I was always a student that was pretty calm and reserved, a “good student”.

My best memory is with no doubt, when I won for the 1st Bata Jeune Créateur contest in 2006, when I was only in my second year. Secondly, it will be the famous fashion show of Alain Boix.


What makes ESMOD’s specialty and assets according to you?


I really liked my school program at ESMOD Lyon, where we were equipped and surrounded with teachers that are present and attentive to you. 

Alain encouraged us a lot to participate in many contest, which is really important.

How I felt personally on the different interns I had from the other schools is that, the students from ESMOD are more technical and efficient, which for me is a big asset when we start working.


Tell us about your professional journey after ESMOD, your past and present tasks and responsibilities...


After my graduation, I did an internship for the end my studies at Chloé for the leather goods, afterwards, I entered to Minelli as a shoe and leather goods designer. I then continued at Dice Kayek, Carven (accessory), and from there, I joined the house of Kitsuné as a collection first line manager (men/women/accessories).

 I always had the idea to create my brand and I took the time to perfection and save up the necessary capital, during my professional journey.

It’s been 2 years I left the house of Kitsuné to consecrate on my personal project and to create Please Paris.



Can you tell us a little more about your brand, PLEASE PARIS?


 Please Paris is a feminine high-end shoe brand, entirely made in France. 

The materials are carefully selected and everything is developed in exclusivity by “savoir-faire” manufacturers that are mainly French (shapes, soles, etc…). 

I draw everything, I choose the materials and I take care of all the developments and of the models in collaboration with the French manufacturers.

Today Please has two collections and the AH15 collection is actually sold in many shops like the concept store in the mall at the 10th district of Paris, and the big Takashimaya stores in Japan.

The e-shop is also available online at:

It’s been a year after the launching of the brand and I am currently in the research of investors and new funding to grow!


Any last word about you?

My inspirations are very varied, I am a big fan of design and cinema. I also like the nice materials, the pure and architectural aspects and the neutral ton of colors. 

I am someone that is pretty sensitive so day by day, I let myself be guided by my emotions, the people I meet, by my esthetic and personal favorites. 

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