Interview - Virginie Benarroch

Virginie Benarroch – ESMOD Paris – Graduation 2004
Assitant of Editor in Chief at GLAMOUR France

What was your journey before coming to ESMOD ? Did you always know you wanted to work in fashion?

I was born in Nimes, in south of France. With normal schooling, average/good grades but I was bored. I always wanted to work in the making. I would draw a lot. I would glue, cut, brush, and redecorate each week the wall of my room. It was from much earlier that I wanted to tell stories through images and work within the fashion world. I arrive to Paris at the age of 18 with a degree in literature in the language option. Fashion seemed to be a place with many variety of jobs. But I chose to go towards the styslism and modalism to go into the first year at ESMOD.

Let’s talk about your schooling at ESMOD: What kind of student were you?

After studying at a regular schooling system and go directly into a fashion school, it takes time for you to realize that the thing you enjoy doing as a hobby is about to become your work. I knew right away that I will enjoy the stylism class more than the modalism class. I was obsessed with the image references, remembering that in 2001 we were at the beginning of the digital era. Google was only for the insiders and Instagram did not exist!

According to you, what are the specialties and assets ESMOD?

ESMOD is a school where the fashion history takes a very important place. Those references are very precious information for my current work.

Tell us about your professional journey after ESMOD and your tasks and responsibilities you currently have. What brought you to your current position?

I was accepted for an intern at Stiletto, an independent fashion magazine directed by Laurence Benaim. I was an assistant with the magazine stylist and I had the opportunity to quickly work on my first topics. The advantages of being part of a small team.
After 4 years at Stiletto, I left to work at Express Style for also 4 years. I loved my job and the team I worked with. It was always really busy but we still had great time together!
I did very different things: working with celebrities, jewelries, fashion; accessories and beauty.
Glamour was a great surprise because the editor of the fashion manager called me one day saying, “I am looking for an assistant and I would like to suggest you for the position”.
I was very pregnant back then but very impatient to launch myself in this new challenge. So I started 1 month after.

What are the qualities necessary to do your current tasks?

Patient and endurance

Describe a little bit about yourself.

“In the domain of ideas, everything depends in enthusiasm. In the real world; everything leans on perseverance”. (Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

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