ISEM Graduation Ceremony 2017 (Paris & Roubaix)

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 From November 27 to 29, 3rd year students of ISEM presented their final project, on which they have worked for 1 year, in front of a jury of industry professionals. They had to present a concept of diversification for an existing brand. The jury judged the relevance of their marketing, communication and commercial strategy as well as the clarity of their purpose, all of which was pitched in 20 minutes or less.

After those 3 days of presentation, on Tuesday December 12th, the Graduation ceremony took place at ESMOD Paris, under the sponsorship of Regis Pennel, CEO of the online concept store L'EXCEPTION. 

The first ceremony brought together all 4th year students, while the second was dedicated to the 3rd year students of ISEM Paris & Roubaix. These events provided a wonderful opportunity for our young graduated to connect with industry professionals before launching their careers.

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