For its 30 year anniversary, ISEM announces new branding strategy

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While celebrating the 30th anniversary of ISEM, ESMOD’s Fashion Business school, on June 26th in its new headquarters in Pantin, we unveiled the new visual identity of the program based on the strength, values and ambitions of the ESMOD group.
Founded in 1989, ISEM is one of the first business schools dedicated to fashion that educates its students according to the requirements of a constantly changing market, with the diplomas recognized by the State, Level II: Head of Commercial Strategy and Communication in Fashion Industry, and Level I: Manager of International Development in Fashion & Luxury Industry.
Our expertise in the fields of Marketing, Communications, Sales and Management, and the impressive size of our professional network, guaranteeing the placement of our graduates, allowed ISEM to develop in France: in Paris, Roubaix, Lyon, Bordeaux, and also internationally: in Tokyo and Jakarta.
Today, in order to clarify what the program has to offer, to increase its credibility outside France and to emphasize its membership in the historical ESMOD group, which boasts nearly 180 years of existence, ISEM is morphing into ESMOD Fashion Business. This new branding will reinforce the legitimacy of its educational offerings, that lends itself to this feild while also melding the professions of design and business via an interdisciplinary approach.

ESMOD Fashion Business will have two focuses: to remain ahead of the curve, anticipating the needs of the industry in the future (digital, new management methods, etc) and keeping its students as the top priority, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the exceedingly competitive world of fashion.
ESMOD Fashion Business is thus the school most in tune with the profession, its new generations and new practices will be focused on innovation.

N.B: The name of ISEM remains unchanged as well as its legal structure wholly owned by ESMOD

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