New students

This area is dedicated to students who have enrolled at ESMOD France but who have not yet begun their classes.
By using your login, you can have access to all information which has been put online concerning : organization of the new school year, help with administrative processes, finding lodging, lists of supplies, etc …

New students in Paris

While ESMOD does not directly provide housing for their students we do have very close relationships with several agencies that make finding accommodations a breeze.

ESMOD is a private institution and at the moment we do not have any scholarships available, however over the course of your studies there will be numerous contests sponsored by our corporate partners who’s prizes can help you in paying your way through ESMOD. Acquiring loans in ones own country of residence is often easier than applying for loans as a foreign student in France. Check with your local banks and local government for student loan programs for studying abroad.

Depending on your course of study French classes are often included in your curriculum. However if this is not the case there are plenty of institutions offering inexpensive French classes in Paris, the Alliance Française is always a good place to start.
Paris is a city with incredible public transportation with both buses and subways taking you everywhere you need to go. There are several ways to use the public transport system by purchasing tickets individually or purchasing a Navigo card with different options of payment. We have found that the Navigo Imagine R which offers unlimited rides for students under 26 years old for 36 euros a month to be the best option for our students. Click the link below for more information.
Most French banks have special accounts for students available; all you need is a proof of address, passport and student visa, proof of enrollment. Look online for the best deals each season.
Every student at ESMOD is required to be covered by the French healthcare system at a cost of 213 Euros per year. Students are only required to provide a check and proof of enrollment and ESMOD will take care of the rest.
Paris loves its students! Most museums, theatres and movie houses all have discounts available to students so be sure to show them your ESMOD student ID!!

Cost of living
On average within Paris studio apartments can range in price from 500-900 and one bedrooms from 800-1200. With groceries, the occasional movie, meal out and transportation we would count about 300 Euros per month in expenses.
If you have any additional questions please contact  your school :


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