Thomas Vasseur / ESMOD Roubaix - Class of 2010

What did you do before you came to ESMOD? Did you always want to work in fashion?

I did a typical bachelors’ degree in economics and social science. All the while, I was drawing a lot, and I was thinking about going into architecture, designing objects, or even automobiles. The desire to create clothing came after much research and it proved to be the obvious choice for me because it’s in these “objects” that we spend by far the most of our time.

Let’s get back to your education at ESMOD: what kind of student were you? What are your best (or worst) memories?

I was a curious student, more reserved than I am today, but most of all, when I came up with an idea, I was determined to make it a reality. For this reason, I was very lucky to have such patient teachers who really gave me this desire to go further while knowing how to keep me focused on my idea. This is how we come to understand that there is a time for letting your creative spirit and imagination run free, and a time for rigor and concentration. In fact, I think the worst memories become good ones as time passes. We become nostalgic for that time, of the all-nighters that were always too short, the doubts and constant questioning, having to start over muslins… This whole period of constant challenges on the way to a successful outcome add up to a memorable experience.

What do you think is special about ESMOD’s and what are its strong points?

One of ESMOD’s real strong points is its dual training-course in design and pattern making so that we really know what we’re talking about when start out in the industry. What I truly appreciated, and what allowed me to train my eye, were the inspirational field trips and shopping outings organized by the school to places like Anvers, London, and even Calais (for its famous lace). It’s on these days that you find great fabrics, discover exhibits, “concept stores”, manufacturers… In short, the inspiration and the source of our ideas for our collection.

Tell us about your career-path after ESMOD, your jobs and responsibilities, past and present…

Since I got my diploma, I started an internship as designer’s assistant to Marcel Marongiu who is in charge of Guy Laroche in Paris. I was able to work along side Mr Marongiu to make the fall winter collection, and familiarize myself with all of the specifics, the important roles that make up a fashion house, from the concept to sales. Since then, I split my working hours between Chritian Lacroix and Burberry. Therefore, I have access to a global group as well as a more artisanal designer, with a wide scope of activities and a powerful vision. So the learning continues in these two great institutions…

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