Tokyo Designer Week 2014

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ESMOD Paris was invited to attend the Tokyo Designer Week 2014 with ESMOD Tokyo.

We showed some creations of 3 students to promote ESMOD Paris 2014: He XIN, SHEN Cong and Maximilian Vidal.

Booth concept : "White Noise"
White is the king color, white can keep or change any outfit from outsides elements, it can be disturbed or sublimeted, others colors by LED is just a first step to bring noises on white.
Each garments was designed to make noise, move easly or to reflect light differently.

Students’s concept
Maxilien VIDAL garment’s concept : 4 outfits
Each garment was designed as few parts as possible so it does not upset the Mikado and let it unfold with a paper like noise and everything seems to have been carved by a 3D printer are design Streamlined.

Cong SHEN garment’s concept : 1 outfit
Each garment was designed with a mixe of fabrics, seethought, pleats, mat or shinny, with differents ranges of weight to make garments moving with the wind, the walk, the dance or simply the daily life of fantasy.

He Xin garment’s concept : 2 outfits
Relief, is the main key point in thoses garments to increase the light or the shadow with a discret work of hide pleats details in the seams, to bring differents aspect of the same garment.

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