Why studying International Development in Fashion & Luxury at ESMOD ISEM?

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Nowadays, the luxury sector is attracting a lot of students because it is a market that is more people wearing it. It reflects a lot of strong fashion values: the ''savoir-faire'', the high end, art of living, the authenticity. A universe which brings the customer to center of the attention, and to consider them as a privileged person. To work in the luxury you need to first understand its codes, understand its customers that are at the same time demanding and faithful, also understand its history and its desires. We don't sell Louis Vuitton as we sell Chevignon (out of the financial aspect). It's to reach that level of excellence that most of the commerce students have been suggesting to have a luxury specialization program for years. 
ESMOD ISEM is not an exception and is imposing as a pioneer program by offering a postgraduate program (4th and 5th year) Manager of International Development in Fashion & Luxury Industry that gives to student a State accredited diploma with Level I registration under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) by ministerial decree of 8 December 2017, published in the Official Journal of 21 December 2017.

Why follow this program at ESMOD ISEM?

Beyond the main studies around the fashion and luxury and how they have the international aspect, this program offers the students a solid base of management. This is so that after they receive their diploma they can integrate in their job field with strategic marketing services, specifically related to the creation, production and fashion and luxury product distribution.
ESMOD ISEM has the advantage to be able to offer their students in the fashion buisness the opportunity to work in team building with the fashion design students. It's a great and unique occasion for the students to collaborated with the artistique team who has different ways of thinking as them. 
The many professional and bilingual speakers who provide this training gives to our students a realistic and current vision of this rapidly changing sector. At a time when the ''Generation Y'' shows a growing interest in the luxury, through the prism of social networks and pop-up stores ESMOD ISEM intents to give the keys to understanding and build the luxury for the futur. 



A 2 years program that includes a period of 6 months with an internship in the fashion industry. Accessible from Bac+3/+4 and an interview.



Sarah d'Eer (Graduation 2007)
Founder of the Parisian concept store WOMB

This program insists a lot on practical case studies, which gives us a precise idea on the professional requirements. In the other hand, the program integrates many disciplinary, which does not limit on marketing. It covers on communication, management, fashion history... All this helps us to see the bigger picture and makes us versatile. At the end of our studies, we have a better picture on the different fashion professions and it makes it easier for us to choose our path. The internship at the end of our studies is a big asset. It gives us the opportunity to really experience what it is like to be in the real professional world and to grow in our networks.

Aurélie Kint (Graduation 2012)
Head of Marketing & PR at WOLFORD BENELUX

During my journey in ESMOD ISEM, I got the opportunity to do an internship for 4 months in the main center of the maison Hermès in Brussels. I was an intern in communication where I learned so much. I had the opportunity to organise many events and to do the follow ups of the public relation activities for the Benelux-Nordics zone. Afterwards, I did my second internship at l'Oréal Belgilux for 6 months also in communication/public relation in the big public product division. After those two very rewarding internships I went back to Hermès, a great house which I love so much. I got the chance to participate to many projects ( event planning, organizing exhibitions and merchandising for the Benelux, etc...). An incredible experience! Today I am management of marketing and public relation at Wolford Benleux. A new experience with many challenges but that I love. 

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