The curriculum lasts 2 years
3 years of studies after baccalaureat and/or professional experience judged to be equivalent

Postgraduate Program "Director of International Development Fashion & Luxury"

This program train the high level responsibles for specificities of the products in the fashion and the French luxury in the international context.

- 4th year



Understand the principals and the brands’ management practices and their implication in the sectors of the fashion and luxury. Following the analysis of problems of brands, deliver the feedbacks of experiences to propose the scenarios of optimization. This program organizes around a marketing and communication strategy simulation by the launching of the creative project in the market by a student from the fashion design & creation ESMOD.


Approach the principles and the underlying practices of fashion society management since the development of marketing till the distribution, also by bringing up the management of all the actors of the program creation/ production/distribution. Acquire the fundamentals of the fashion sector: historical and sociological approach to the fashion, initiation of textiles and glossary of the fashion products, role and influences of the trends and the artistic influences. To familiarize with the fashion industry, the calendars and the actors.

- 5th year


In the extension of the 4th year; or a direct integration after your Bac +4 (on document), this program forms the students towards the director position of the international marketing and commercial fashion and luxury development.


Become a project manager of marketing and commercial strategies, assure the direction of the projects through team management, and make a study on markets for the businesses in the fashion sector.


Market studies, project management, team management, building marketing, commercial and communication strategies, integrating fashion specializations and international markets.

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