You can still study Fashion at ESMOD!
24 Apr. 2019ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

Are you one of the 400,000 applicants on the wait-list? Don’t panic! There is still time to apply to your nearest school of fashion.

ESMOD Rennes prepares its first Fashion Festival
15 Apr. 2019ESMOD Rennes | France news

ESMOD Rennes sees fashion in big in 2019! Indeed, our Breton school is organizing a real show dedicated to brands and fashion designers.

ESMOD presents the winners of the Dinan 2019 International Festival of Fashion Designers
15 Apr. 2019ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

The 25 th edition of the International Festival of Fashion Designers of Dinan was held on April 12th, 13th and 14th.

Meet us at our ESMOD-ISEM France Open-House Days in 2019
08 Apr. 2019ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

Come meet our teams, visit our schools and get informed on our programs and student life during our Student Fair Events and Open-House Days, the first step for you to develop your creativity, techn

ESMOD Roubaix showcases its know-how in Saint Quentin
01 Apr. 2019ESMOD/ISEM Roubaix | France news

The city of Saint-Quentin was seeking to highlight the know-how of fashion in France.

A finalist from ESMOD Seoul at Iskool Denim Design Awards 2019
18 Mar. 2019ESMOD SEOUL | international news

Mina Kim, student at ESMOD Seoul, is part of the 17 finalists of the 6th edition of  Isko Skool Design Awards 2019 !

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