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ESMOD Seoul class of 2018 reveived their diploma

ESMOD seoul's students enjoyed receiving their diploma on December 13th after the presentation of their collection during the traditional graduation fashion show which was held in front of professionals and fans of fashion. The public appreciated the quality of the creations they saw. When creativity and technicité makes one, the corean creation gets value !

An ESMOD Japan student wins the kobe Fashion Contest 2018

La grande finale du Kobe Fashion Contest 2018 s'est tenue le 1er décembre dernier. Le grand gagnant de cette édition est Daichi Kato, étudiant en 2ème année à ESMOD Tokyo qui entrera donc en 3ème année à ESMOD Paris, en spécialisation Luxe, à la rentrée prochaine. Encore bravo a notre designer en herbe qui a su allier avec brio la créativité à la technicité, le point fort d'ESMOD depuis sa création.

ESMOD group held its international meeting in Istanbul

During the week of October 22-26, 2018, all ESMOD schools representatives gathered in Istanbul to discuss the events, programs, communication of the group ... and see the traditional international fashion show which featured a selection of the best students' creations from each school throughough the world.
The opportunity also to visit the premises and shops of the large Turkish group VAKKO, a partner of choice that has helped to promote ESMOD Istanbul.
Special thanks to all the organizers of this wonderful event!

A student of ESMOD Seoul, winner of the 5th ISKO I-SKOOL Denim Design Award

Mr. Jaeha IM, 3rd year class student of ESMOD Seoul (major of Menswear), is the winner of the UnDocumented Award of the 5th ISKO I-SKOOL Denim Design Award announced during the final award ceremony held on July 11, 2018 in Milan, Italy.

The Denim Design Award Jury was chaired by Sarah and Carol Piron (Filles a Papa). Among the creteria for the jury’s evaluation were the relevance of the UnDocumented Creative Theme and the actual marketability of the garments created with CREATIVE ROOM, ISKO’s division for style and design.

ESMOD Jakarta presents its class of 2018

On August 1st, at Museum Bank Mandiri Kota, ESMOD Jakarata presented its fashion show with the collections of its students from the class of 2018. These womenswear and menswear collections impressed the profesionals who appreciated the technicity and the creativity of our indonesian students. One more talented class that is going to enter the profesisonal market !

ESMOD Beijing presents its students' work to the professionals

Although, ESMOD Beijing is the newest school in the ESMOD network, their students don’t have any less talent. Recently, they presented the creations of their 1st and 2nd year students to industry professionals on two occasions: show rooms and a fashion show. These events proved that this French fashion school has made its own mark, changing the dynamic in China amongst the local textile industry. Congratulations to all the students who we are excited to see more of next year when they create full collections for their 3rd and final year at ESMOD!

ESMOD Guangzhou makes the show with its class of 2018

On June 28th, ESMOD Guangzhou presented the fruits of their graduating class’ labor in front of industry professionals. This colorful fashion show, held at the Vipshop Tongchuang, recreated a real “City of Fashion” in which each street was named after one of the fashion capitals of the world. It was on London Road that the student creations were paraded down the catwalk, showcasing their skills, taught “à la française” The industry professionals in the audience were very impressed with what they saw. Another great year that ended in beauty!

ESMOD Beyrouth fashion show - class of 2018

June 20th, the graduation class of 2018 showcased their enormous talent during a big fashion show held at St. Joseph University. Their talent did not go unnoticed by the impressed industry professionals present.

ESMOD Oslo Student is a finalist in MITTELMODA Contest 2018

The 25 th annual international creation and innovation contest held by Mittelmoda just revealed their finalists for 2018. Among them is Than Dan Ngoc, an ESMOD Oslo student. Her submission consisted of an innovation in repurposing denim without creating any waste. She had this idea after observing the process of denim being created in the factories of Guangzhou, which struck her as slaughterhouse textiles. Her collection will be presented the 8 th of June during the end of year judging panel of ESMOD Oslo.


The essential fashion meeting in Guangzhou, the 123rd edition of the Canton Fair PDC convention invited ESMOD Guangzhou to show a selection of student collections. This presentation earned ESMOD the prize of “Best Design” of the convention. This only augmented the notoriety of ESMOD Guangzhou amongst industry professionals locally and internationally.

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