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Books & Exhibitions - November 2018 (The Perfect Asia of Yves Saint Laurent)

For its first temporary exhibition, the Yves Saint Laurent Paris Museum highlights the oriental inspirations of the couturier, recurrent in his haute couture collections.. The Orient of Yves Saint Laurent is a fantasy: he didn’t travel a lot. He has never visited India or China, but he was fascinated by Japan, where he has visited Pierre Bergé several times.Books & Exhibitions (Asia YSL).

Books & Exhibitions - october 2018 (Picasso)

Two beautiful exhibitions in Paris:
Picasso. Chefs d’œuvre !
at the national museum of Picasso,
until the 13th of January 2019
Picasso. Bleu et rose
at Musée d’Orsay,
until the 6th of January 2019

Books & Exhibitions - October 2018 (FIAC)

The 45th edition of the FIAC takes place from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st October 2018 in several places: the Grand Palais (FIAC Galleries), the pedestrianized Winston Churchill Avenue and the Petit Palais (FIAC Projects), the Eugène National Museum Delacroix, the Tuileries Garden and Place Vendôme (FIAC Hors les Murs).193 galleries from 27 countries worldwide: Europe, North Africa, Asia (from the Middle East to the Far East), the United States and South America.
Books & Exhibitions – October 2018 (FIAC)

Exhibition Revue - September 2018

Panorama of the biggest exhibitions of autumn 2018, by Marie-Christine Fievet

>> Download the Revue

Books & Exhibitions revue - April 2018


Christian Dior, toujours… p. 2
Mode, costume et beauté p. 6
Textiles p. 13
Accessoires p. 15
Musique et scène p. 16
Art contemporain p. 17
Histoire(s) de l’art p. 20
Peinture p. 24
Picasso p. 36
Sculpture p. 37
Arts graphiques p. 39
Métiers d’art, design, architecture p. 40
Jardins p. 42
Photo, cinéma p. 43
Civilisations p. 46

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