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Design Short program

Fashion Photography/Styling with Spéos

ESMOD and SPEOS combine their know-how for an exclusive course for fashion photography lovers, an introductory course combining photography techniques with the practice of photo styling. Go behind the scenes of a successful fashion shoot.

Designer: Jordan Renoux - Photo: Lisa Foll

Learn about fashion photography with ESMOD and Spéos to create striking shoots, in line with a brand’s DNA, according to a specific market: Sportswear, New Couture, Men’s Tailoring.

Founded in 1985, Spéos is a private higher education course and organization specializing in teaching professional photography.


During this workshop, the participants will be introduced to Fashion Photography and Styling with Spéos and ESMOD.

The course takes place over 9 days of intensive training. It combines:
– a theory part,
– 3 days of hands-on practice within a professional environment,
– 2 days of experimental teamwork between photographer and stylist.

The photo sessions take place in spacious facilities equipped with top-of-the-range equipment. Students are supervised by a team of professionals and creatives who share their know-how.

Students will benefit from spacious photo studios during their classes at Spéos.
ESMOD will provide the students’ collections for practical application on best terms.

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  • History of Fashion Photography
  • Art production and acquisition
  • Brand DNA: how to define a brand’s visual identity
  • Technical approach to studio photography (lighting and framing)
  • Moodboard/Storyboard
  • Art direction
  • Studio practice/Introduction to fashion photography/Personal expression
  • Styling/Scripting
  • Fitting
  • Outdoor Photography
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Nest Session 3-13 July, 2023
Place ESMOD (Paris - 75009) & Spéos (Paris - 75011)
Course duration 9 days / 52 hours (43 hours of class + 9 hours of studio work)
Language of instruction English

Required level : Open to all

Equipment : Participants must arrive with a digital SLR or mirrorless camera.


  • Paris 9

Useful Information

Tuition Fees 2 450€
Languages French or English

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