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Designer : Camille Moco / ESMOD Lyon 2019
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Certificate « Fashion Business Development »

Since 2008, this Certificate is the result of a partnership between Le Cnam, International Institute of Management and the Fashion School ESMOD. Based in the heart of Paris, Capital of Fashion, the Fashion Management Certificate is designed to guide professionals to advanced management positions in the Fashion and Luxury sectors.

Designer : Camille Moco / ESMOD Lyon 2019

program objectives

  • To provide a background and understanding of management/challenges of the Fashion and Creativity industry, linked to innovation
  • To identify and analyse management strategies
  • To assess and understand trends


This Program includes the 6 following modules:

1. Management of Innovation

This module gives an in-depth understanding of the innovation process at the heart of the Fashion industry, one of the most challenging sectors. A zoom in the textiles innovation management and technology will showcase what to know about new textiles, new goals through recent transformations, sustainable Fashion

2. Trends Management

This module analyses the trend setting process and its methodology (trends vs globalization on international markets, innovative marketing trends, different types of Fashion consumers, Fashion sociology and semiotics to understand Fashion needs in society).

3. Fashion product strategies

This module uses sharp examples illustrating how to estimate a brand identity: methods and tools to highlight the esthetic and economic issues. A focus on Design Management will analyse the relation of aesthetics and creation in the product success

4. Managing the Fashion environment

This module goes over the specificities of the international fashion market such as:
-Fashion and Space: a specific workshop to illustrate the links between a brand and its retail space, including images and communication
-The Brand heritage: memory, as a creative process, is firstly a bridge between corporate history and identity, then a key provider of tangible and intangible assets likely to motivate purchase, engagement and loyalty.
-Marketing Strategies (based on Fashion Cases) to highlight the Marketing specificities in Fashion companies.

5. Fashion on site

This exclusive program, based on meetings and interviews, is spread over 3 Fashion places: Paris, Lyon and Cholet. It offers regular visits to Fashion and Design shops, meetings with Fashion Directors & Designers in Fashion companies, exhibitions with Museum Curators.

6. Strategic Luxury Marketing

This module revisits the fundamentals of Marketing and helps the student to make the link with the specific features of the Fashion industry. This course structured and taught by academics and professionals will also broaden the scope to other practices of the luxury industry just like cosmetics or hospitality.

Program teaching staff (specialized in Fashion)

  • Academic Teachers but also,
  • Professionals with sound sectorial experience: consultants, advisors, curators or historians.
  • Courses and practical case studies will be dealing with famous Fashion Houses (Dior, Chanel…) as well as well-known brands (Agnès b., Isabel Marant, Zadig et Voltaire…) and Fashion start-ups.


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