Since its opening in 2006, Esmod Dubai has constantly developed … Supported by local institutions and industries, this school in the Emirates has found its place in the Middle East. Welcoming an increasingly international student body, the school has captured the DNA of Dubai between modernism and tradition, cosmopolitanism and dynamism.

Courses :

Undergraduate Program Fashion Design & Creation
Specializations in 3rd year : Women, Luxury New Couture and Scenic Design.

Foundation 1 year (only in Dubai)

Fashion Design & Creative courses

Fashion Business - Graduate programs


14 Nov.

At the begining of the month of November, all the schools of ESMOD network met in...

07 Jun.

On May 30th were held the juries of ESMOD Dubai Graduation 2016. The professional of...

23 Sep.

This fashion incubator created by ESMOD Dubai is an opportunity to acquire unique...

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