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Your frequently asked questions about our ESMOD Fashion Business courses, school life, etc.

What courses are offered by ESMOD Fashion Business?

The school offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs in 3 or 5 years specialized in Business.

Short training courses are also offered to adults and fashion initiates in Summer School (1 month).

Learn more about our programs here 

What program do I need to take at the High School to be accepted into ESMOD Fashion Business?

ESMOD Fashion Business does not recommend any particular course of study prior to enrollment. Recruitment will be based more on the candidate’s personality and his or her general and fashion knowledge

How many hours per week are there in the Head of Marketing and Communications Strategy in Fashion Industry program? What is the typical course schedule?

The number of course hours at ESMOD Fashion Business is approximately 25 hours per week. Courses are spread throughout the day. In addition, there are various educational projects and fashion workshops devoted to networking.

Is it possible to have a student job while an ESMOD Fashion Business student?

With the rigorous ESMOD Fashion Business curriculum, it seems difficult to be able to work outside the classroom during the week. However, part-time jobs during holidays or weekends are possible.

Can I take French courses at ESMOD Fashion Business?

Students in the English-speaking classes of the Head of Marketing and Communications Strategy in Fashion Industry program benefit from French courses throughout the year.

Are internships mandatory at ESMOD Fashion Business?

Yes, internships are a staple of our ESMOD Fashion Business curriculum.

Head of Marketing and Communications Strategy in Fashion Industry

1st year: 10-week internship

2nd year: 12-week internship

3rd year: internship of 6 months minimum

Manager of International Development in Fashion & Luxury Industry

5th year: internship of 6 months minimum

Are students assisted in their internship search?

Students are invited to conduct their internship search on their own. However, the school assists them in their search via various tools:

  • The ESMOD Career platform on which companies post their job offers.
  • Various practical guides: Careers in the Fashion Industry Guide, and a Future Intern’s Guide, etc.
  • Recruitment fairs
  • List of recruiting companies
  • individual consulting

Is it possible to pursue the ESMOD Fashion Business degree program via a work-study alternance program?

No, a work-study alternance is not possible at ESMOD Fashion Business. This is why internships are such an important part of the curriculum and provide valuable work experience.

Is it possible to participate in exchange programs at ESMOD Fashion Business?

Yes, ESMOD Fashion Business offers several possibilities for international exchanges:

  • Exchanges within the ESMOD network
  • ERASMUS + exchanges
  • Exchanges with our partner schools (France and outside Europe)

For more info, see our Global Reach page