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© Arthur Mahieu / Photo : Liza François
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Apply for a program

Registrations are open from October and remain in the limit of available places, subject to admission to the curriculum requested.

NB: Registration to ESMOD cannot be done through the ParcourSup platform.


© Arthur Mahieu / Photo : Liza François

How to apply?

Registration to ESMOD is simple and is done in 4 steps:


1. Create an account: The first step is to create an account on the MyEsmod platform by going to the following link: https://my.esmod.com/faces/Login.xhtml

2. Apply: Then you can apply for a program: “Application”> “Apply for a training”> “School choice”> “Program selection”
You will need to complete the application form and submit the required supporting documents in digital format.
After your application is received by the Admissions Department, your application is evaluated to ensure that your profile matches the program requested and if there is no more suitable program for you. At this stage, it takes about a week to receive a response, by phone or by email.

3. To be evaluated: If your application is eligible, you will receive the description of a portfolio to be made at home.




“Fashion Designer”

For candidates in the 1st year or Intensive program, the realization of the portfolio does not require any special prerequisites. It will just allow us to appreciate your Fashion sensitivity and your creativity. Then, this work will be the subject of an oral presentation during a motivational interview with a member of the teaching team.
For the candidates in the 2nd and 3rd year, the study is done on assessment of the achievements during a Commission of Validation and Orientation. According to the opinion given by the Commission, a complementary model-making test may be requested and to be carried out at the school. For eligible international students, an interview may be offered to ensure the level of language.


“Creative Diretor”

The subject of the portfolio will allow you to illustrate your technical and artistic skills acquired during your previous studies. We will also ask you for a presentation of your professional project.
All of your work will be evaluated by the Validation and Orientation Committee and may be subject to a motivational interview, if necessary.


Foundation course

We will ask you to do a creative work to evaluate your Fashion and Artistic sensitivity as well as your motivation.
After the evaluation, a complementary motivation interview can be proposed.




“Head of Commercial Fashion and Communication Strategy”

For candidates in the 1st year, completion of the dossier does not require any particular prerequisite and will allow us to assess your Fashion sensitivity, your writing skills, as well as your capacity for thought and analysis.
For candidates in the 2nd and 3rd years, the study is carried out on an evaluation of your achievements in your previous years of study.
An oral presentation of this work will then be made during a personal motivation interview with a member of the teaching team.
 “Director of International Fashion & Luxury Business Development”

The subject of the personal dossier will allow us to assess your Fashion sensitivity, your writing skills, as well as your capacity for thought and analysis. Moreover, when it is presented at a personal motivation interview, we will have the opportunity to discuss your career goals and to ensure that they are consistent with your course.
For candidates in the 5th year, the dossier to be completed makes use of the skills acquired during your previous studies.


4. Register
Once your application has been validated, you will be able to complete your online registration form, deposit the required supporting documents and pay tuition fees.
MyESMOD> “My application area”> “Registration form” section.



Summer Courses and Evening Classes

Our short courses are accessible to all profiles, from 16 years.
Registration is not evaluated. It is carried out by completing the online registration form with the supporting documents requested and payment of tuition fees.
1 / Create your MyESMOD account: https://my.esmod.com/faces/Login.xhtml //
2 / register



Nicole Foucher, Academic Head of the Fashion Management certificate (ESMOD)
nicole.foucher@esmod.com / + 33 1 44 83 81 50


Emmanuelle Rochefort, External Relations Manager
emmanuelle.rochefort@lecnam.net / + 33 1 40 27 26 36


For further information, please contact our schools :


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