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Designer : Camille Moco / ESMOD Lyon 2019
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VAE :“Head of Marketing & Communications Strategy in Fashion Industry” Undergraduate Degree

Designer : Camille Moco / ESMOD Lyon 2019


Validation of Acquired Work Experience – V.A.E. – is the possibility of obtaining a diploma registered under the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP).

“Head of Marketing & Communications Strategy in Fashion Industry” Diploma, State accredited with Level 6* registration under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

"Head of Marketing & Communications Strategy in Fashion Industry" Undergrad Program
For all enquiries concerning the creation of a V.A.E. application, you can contact the V.A.E. advisor: email: by phone:
Nom Guillaume Thiery


  • Paris Pantin

Useful Information

Admissions Contact

VAE Procedure


Phase 1 / Application Form

Before you can apply, you must first fill out  the Cerfa 12818*1 form (downloadable here) and send us a copy with the required documentation attesting to one year’s experience in the”field of certification” :

12 rue de la Rochefoucauld
75009 Paris

Phase 2 / Development of Booklet 2

Once your application has been judged admissible, the second step is to open the Booklet 2. This is  the file  through which you will demonstrate having acquired  the skills required by the  diploma’s reference system.
You will  have between  1 and 4 meetings with our academic deans to check which skills can  be validated by experience or previous education, if necessary.

The Booklet 2 contains the following:

An analysis of work experience significant to the level of development of the acquired knowledge in relation to the desired certification.

An explanation of development shown in work situations (professional or not) that allowed for new skills, aptitudes and knowledge to be  acquired in another way other than in a conventional classroom.

Please Note:
ESMOD Fashion Business will provide you with an estimate at the end of these meetings if there is a need for training in one or more skills. You may choose to be trained by ESMOD Fashion Business or by any organization of your choice.

Phase 3 / Judging Panel

Once your Booklet 2 has been submitted, you will present  your work before a panel of professionals. The president of the panel introduces the candidate to the members of the jury and explains the interview process, which will be carried out in two stages:

your  oral presentation
questions and answers with the panel
You will then explain your VAE application. You may use one or more media (PowerPoint, multimedia tools, etc.) or report on all the work likely to support your presentation, if the panel has given given permission prior. Panel members will then have the opportunity to ask you questions regarding your VAE application and oral presentation.

The main purpose of the interview is to have you clarify certain aspects of your file and elaborate on its analysis. It is by no means a knowledge test or a recruitment interview.

Following the interview, the panel deliberates and discuses the various elements of the applicant, the application and oral presentation.

In the event of a partial validation, you have the possibility to present a dossier validating the previously missing elements to the jury within a maximum period of 5 years from the date of notification of the panel’s decision. Beyond that, the full procedure will have to be completely renewed.
Each validated block of skills is validated for life.

Evaluated Skills

Analysis of trends for the ready-to-wear market and ability to anticipate the evolution within this market

  • Study and interpret changes in product sales for the French market and for targeted foreign markets
  • Analyze and compare commercial and pricing policies of brands in fashion and ready-to-wear markets
  • Analyze and determine branding strategies for targeted markets
  • Identify fast-growing markets and study opportunities for the establishment and marketing of fashion or ready-to-wear products.
  • Establish comparisons of sales trends for different products in order to understand and interpret changes in sales results.
  • Identify specific local parameters and factors that may impact and explain changes in product sales within certain markets.
  • Pinpoint new products and trends in untapped markets
  • Participate in international events to present new products.
  • Identify trends in cuts, clothing styles, textile, etc.
  • Identify products that are likely to make their mark on certain markets based on trends
  • Produce trend books, present strategies for product lines, present product styles adapted to French and international markets.

Definition of marketing strategies adapted to the necessary distribution and commercialization processes of products and accessories of certain brands in the fashion and ready-to-wear industries

  • Analyze brand performance objectives related to the marketing of product lines in targeted markets and integrate them to build a commercial strategy
  • Analyze costs of production and shipping goods to distribution and marketing locations
  • Determine pricing policies related to product sales based on distribution channels
  • Establish product sales forecasts based on market scenarios and product sales strategies
  • Develop a sales strategy for products and range accessories based on business objectives
  • Draw up presentation and sales pitches for products according to their characteristics
  • Present sales strategies to brand management and sales teams
  • Analyze the characteristics and specificities of foreign markets where a brand is established
  • Analyze the conditions of product distribution and define the impacts on commercial policies.
  • Adapt pricing policies according to the positioning of competitors and the standard of living of targeted consumers
  • Define pricing policies to achieve desired profit margin
  • Develop commercial strategies based on brand market penetration objectives

Conception and implementation of communications strategies adapted to markets, distribution processes, and points of sales

  • Define communications axes according to the identity, the artistic universe, and the image of a fashion and/or ready-to-wear brand
  • Select messages and visuals for communications and promotional campaigns
  • Assess needs and determine objectives for promotional operations
  • Target certain countries, markets, or products for communications actions and/or promotional campaigns
  • Schedule communications campaigns over certain periods of time and geographical areas according to brand objectives
  • Establish communications plans that fall within the brand’s budget
  • Anticipate and estimate the anticipated impact of communications and/or promotional operations
  • Prepare offers to submit to specialized agencies for campaigns and communications operations
  • Select agencies for actions and communications operations, negotiating rates for services
  • Supervise the preparation and launch phases of communications campaigns and promotional operations
  • Manage internal dissemination of information related to communications and/or promotion operations
  • Anticipate the implementation of promotional materials at points of sale.
  • Control the implementation of operations and communications strategies
  • Define criteria and structuring tools for measuring the impact of promotional and communications plan of action.
  • Drawing up reports on promotional campaigns and communications actions and analyze the repercussions for a brand
  • Commercial management, product order management, inventory management and sales team management

Concerning commercial management:

  • Analyze product sales tables at points of sale
  • Control sales of distribution networks

Concerning the management of product stocks:

  • Control stock levels of goods and products according to business objectives
  • Identify needs for intervention in sectors and markets to dispose of goods

Concerning the management of product orders:

  • Manage relationships with service providers involved in production chains
  • Anticipate risks of breakage of goods by taking into account manufacturing and delivery times.
  • Place orders based on estimated sales capacity and sales volumes
  • Negotiate costs for the production of goods
  • Carry out goods inspection, checking the production quality of parts, returning non-conforming parts before accepting shipments

Concerning the sales teams:

  • Raise team awareness of sales results, point out delays and look for possible causes and solutions.
  • Train sales teams in product sales
  • Motivate sales teams on product sales objectives and merchandise flow requirements

/ Academic Review Board

This committee that will be in charge of examining a candidate’s file, advising and orienting them. It is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Caroline Bouquin, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Paul Marchand, Fashion Design Development Manager
  • Tamara Moreno, Patter-Making Development Manager


The only condition to validate the acquired experience is to prove at least 1 year of paid, unpaid, voluntary professional experience directly related to the certification in question.

Attention: a candidate can only submit one application within the same calendar year, for the same diploma and a maximum of three applications within the same calendar year, for different certificates or diplomas.

In order to obtain the certification, a candidate for a VAE must validate each of the 3 sets of certified skills listed for the “Creative Director” degree by his/her professional experience or  previous education, if applicable.
Each competency set can be obtained individually. A certificate is awarded to the candidate for each block. Obtaining all 3 sets allows the degree to be obtained.

VAE : “Manager of International Development in Fashion and Luxury Industries” Post Graduate Degree
Jurys ESMOD Fashion Business niveau 6 - promotion 2019

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