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International Services Contacts

Due to the multicultural nature and diversity of nationalities within our institution, each ESMOD service has an international dimension.

Seven people are specifically dedicated to this and oversee the following:

Anne Viallon, International Manager

Oversees the coordination of all schools within the ESMOD International network, the annual organization of ESMOD international meetings in one of the network schools, the student exchange programme, and the negotiation of partnerships with foreign institutions, the development of ESMOD's global reach.

Guillaume Thiery , Study Abroad / ERASMUS Coordinator

In charge of relations with foreign universities and the international mobility of students.

Jacques Drujon, Academic Curriculum Director, Academic Curriculum Department

Oversees the pedagogical supervision and the seamless integration of students into ESMOD and our curriculum.

Samia Fedala, Head of Human Ressources

Organizes the programs and duties of professors during their international travels to and from ESMOD network schools.

Paulina Mena, Admissions Representative (outside France), Office of Admissions.

In charge of fielding and monitoring applications and exchange procedures for foreign students, and promoting ESMOD training courses abroad.

Sushant Mall, Dean of Students, Office of Student Affairs.

Oversees the administrative support of students, linked with the police prefecture for visas and residence permits procedures, housing procedures, and insurance procedures.