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Language Policy

Like the fashion sector itself, ESMOD is a staunchly international school. Since the 1980s it has established a global network by opening ESMOD establishments in Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto), then in South Korea in Seoul, in China, North Africa, Russia, etc.

This international dimension has thus been at the heart of ESMOD France’s culture, DNA and identity for over a generation. For example, within ESMOD Paris more than 70 nationalities coexist, nearly half of all its students. In the administrative and teaching bodies, the main languages are spoken fluently.


As ESMOD France issues a Level 6 & 7 certified qualification registered in the ‘France Compétences’ agency (former RNCP) by the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP), the certification specifications require a professional level of English representing 40 hours of teaching during the initial 3-year “Fashion Designer” program or “Creative Director” program with 2 additional years.


3 classes in English in Paris in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years, including one on “Knitwear”, as well as one IP (Internet Protocol) class in English.

French classes, French as a Foreign Language (FLE), for international students: 1 “Paris” class for Japanese students (about 10 take part every year) and 1 “Discovery” class for Chinese students (about 10 every year).

The aim of these two classes is not only to learn French so as to communicate better, but also to discover French culture. At the end of these two classes, and depending on their level of comprehension, students can join the main cycle.


9 English-speaking teachers in ESMOD Paris and 2 teachers of English. And in the rest of France, 1 English teacher in Roubaix and 1 in Lyon.

ESMOD Editions

The goal of this service is to design and diffuse different working methods, designed according to the techniques taught by ESMOD. Given the need to acquire the basics of the technique in order to succeed in one’s training at ESMOD, these works concern both national and international students and are also distributed and taught in all the schools within our network.


A website in French and English; all information and registration materials available in French and English; organization of events in partnership with international companies: for example Boss, Value Retail – la vallée des Marques, Club Med, Mikki (Japan), or humanitarian or solidarity actions (Unicef, Un ballon pour la vie…); press releases from the specialized press and the general public in French and English.


Reception and advice for the different communities; follow-up and help with registration and acquisition of insurance, assistance with visa and residence permit procedures, assistance with housing procedures.

In addition, for those who have already a part of the ESMOD community, there are many opportunities available to provide better recognition of their diploma and/or to spend a year in Europe or internationally.