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Maéva Bouyer / Photo: Ludovic Pieterson
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Business Initial program

“Manager of International Development in Fashion and Luxury Industries” Post Graduate Degree

State accredited Diploma with Level 7* registration under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP). Accessible via VAE (Validation of Acquired Work Experience)


Maéva Bouyer / Photo: Ludovic Pieterson


This 2-year program qualifies future high-level managers for marketing, sales and communications positions in the fashion and luxury goods industry, in an international context.

Available full-time in English for creative profiles committed to fashion lifestyle.

And as a sandwich course / apprenticeship contract in French for students wishing to focus on and perfect their communication, merchandising, customer experience and innovation management skills.




  • A professional approach: certification recognized by France Compétences at level 7, which combines theoretical contributions and practical workshops to train for careers in international fashion and luxury development management, in the fields of communication, collection merchandising, purchasing and innovation management.
  • Adopt a management approach, moving from doing to doing, analyzing, diagnosing, conceptualizing and making strategic recommendations by solving business cases and writing a thesis.
  • Our project-based teaching approach uses real-life situations and company cases to help students project themselves into the professional world, as in the Business Marathon, a week-long workshop on problem-solving in the lifestyle sector.
  • A natural proximity to the fashion industry, reflected in teaching led and supervised by industry experts, keeping us in step with the expectations and innovations of a constantly evolving sector.
  • Professional immersion, with an optional internship in 4th year and a compulsory 6-month internship in 5th year, and a rhythm of 3 weeks at the company and 1 week at the school for the two-year sandwich course.
  • English language training (C1 level required) for the full-time program
  • Training in French (English B2 level required) for the sandwich program

Certified skills

The International Fashion and Luxury Development Manager is able to :

  • Define the type of investigation to be carried out and the studies to be conducted with regard to the issues specific to the fashion and luxury brand.
  • Evaluate the development potential and possible changes to the fashion and luxury brand’s strategy.
  • Determine the fashion and luxury brand’s development paths on its national and international markets
  • Present the results of the research process and the competitive international development axes.
  • Design an international development strategy for a fashion and luxury brand
  • Establish the objectives of the fashion and luxury brand development strategy
  • Define a pricing policy for the marketing of fashion and luxury products
  • Design the marketing strategy for the fashion and luxury brand
  • Design the fashion and luxury brand’s cross-channel communications strategy for fashion product collections distributed nationally and internationally.
  • Establish the timing of operations to support the development strategy of the fashion and luxury brand.
  • Evaluate the human, technical and financial resources required to implement the fashion and luxury product development strategy.
  • Monitor the marketing plan aimed at bringing fashion and luxury product collections to market via the various physical and digital distribution channels.
  • Oversee the implementation of sales and promotional operations for fashion and luxury products on physical and digital channels.
  • Oversee the management of customer relations by setting up a system for listening to customers and measuring their satisfaction.
  • Oversee the selection of communications operations to be implemented in an omnichannel approach
  • Validate communication productions for the fashion and luxury brand
  • Monitor the implementation of the fashion and luxury brand’s interaction with its communities
  • Monitor the deployment of press relations, public relations and event operations in connection with the launch of fashion and luxury product collections.
  • Functionally and hierarchically manage the teams and external partners involved in marketing the fashion and luxury brand’s products.
  • Draw up a plan for monitoring and evaluating the results of marketing and communication operations for the fashion and luxury brand
  • Evaluate the direct and indirect impact of the fashion and luxury brand’s marketing and communications operations.
  • Identify corrective measures and operational adjustments to be implemented

Assessment Methods

  • Continuous assessment
  • Practical work experience
  • Professional or research dissertation
  • Oral defense juries

The assessment methods used for certification purposes are as follows:

  • Marketing study leading to the establishment of a diagnosis enabling the definition of concrete strategic orientations and recommendations for international development.
  • Fashion and luxury brand development strategy translated into a business plan
  • Retail, wholesale and e-commerce marketing plan optimizing sales and inventories, taking into account key accounts, agents and distributors, and different purchasing methods.
  • Communication strategy implementation file for brand launch and related operations
  • Project management plan specifying working and communication methods between and with the various stakeholders involved
  • Digital dashboards to measure the performance of marketing and communications operations, establishing appropriate criteria and indicators.

The productions are based on case studies and/or re-enacted professional situations. They are the subject of individual written and/or oral reports.

Maéva Bouyer / Photo: Ludovic Pieterson
Duration 2 years
Program Start October
Schedule of Courses 25-30 hours per week


  • Paris Pantin

Useful Information

Tuition Fees Price for the academic year 2024-2025 >> EU citizens: >> EU citizens: 14 785€ / Non EU citizens: 16 285 € / + Academic materials 250€
Languages French, English

Admissions Contact

Program Overview

120 ECTS Credits - The program is structured around 4 courses units.



Develop the knowledge and acquire the codes of fashion and luxury, necessary for project management.



Manage and implement strategic brand recommendations and develop them using marketing and communication levers.

Master the product path: from the launch of the creative idea to industrialization, including the evaluation of sales performance.

Manage product development, purchasing and distribution strategies: Retail and Wholesale



To know how to manage professional projects and commercial and creative teams.

Know how to manage the launch of a company by choosing the right sector of activity, anticipating the different stages of launch and evaluating the performance and profitability of projects.



Anticipate fashion trends and plan development paths in line with the brand’s DNA.

Sharpen analytical and critical thinking skills to produce written reports, including substantiated recommendations.

Team Building Project

During their 4th year, Fashion Business students work in pairs (Team Building) with 4th year students from the Esmod “Directeur.trice de la Création” program, to help them developing their collection.
The Fashion Business student accompanies the Fashion Design student in the launch of his or her project and defines the marketing and communication strategy for the development of this project, in terms of retro-planning, budget management, positioning, pricing, sourcing, distribution and brand communication.

The partners then present the fruit of their collaboration with a dedicated display in a showroom before a panel of respected industry professionals. These professionals, coming from the fields of sales, marketing and communications, will judge the business students on the relevance and strength of their proposal while a jury from the fields of design evaluate the quality of the design student’s collection as well as its added value in the domain of sales

Required Profile


Candidates must submit an application including :

  •  their identity
  • their home establishment
  • last diploma obtained and results obtained
  • a CV
  • a letter of motivation

The application must be accompanied by a mood-board showing their vision of the future of fashion, and an essay (between 2,250 and 3,500 characters) on what they see as a major development in the luxury lifestyle sector; and proof of a C1 level in English for initial training and B2 for apprenticeship training.

All applications will be assessed following an interview by members of the teaching team.


To obtain the “Fashion & Luxury International Development Manager” diploma, students must :

  • validation of all program credits (120 ECTS).
  • meeting the school’s attendance requirements.
  • pass the certification exams, including a tutored dissertation presented to a jury of professionals
  • take part in a six-month internship or a two-year work-study program in a company

Careers & opportunities

Alumni Testimonials


Alice Gras

Founder of Hall-Couture

ESMOD keeps its commitments on technical content and I am happy to see that the school is evolving with the times, that there is a more thorough follow-up work with former students. I also appreciate the accessibility of teachers, management and staff support.

“Fashion Designer” Undergraduate Program & “Manager of International Development in Fashion and Luxury Industries” Post Graduate Degree

ESMOD Paris - class of 2012

Aydha / Mugler PFW

Aydha Mehnaz

Brand Image Coordinator at Mugler

The most important thing I learned in my 4th year at ESMOD FASHION BUSINESS is how to break down a creative idea into practical goals that apply to fashion businesses in today’s environment.

Naturally, the operational strategy and the digital marketing courses attracted me. In class, we used concrete examples and case studies to train us to become more analytical and to use different steps to create business plans; It is a precious asset that I have already used in the context of the internships, I thank my teachers.

“Manager of International Development in Fashion and Luxury Industries” Post Graduate Degree

ESMOD Paris - class of 2019

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