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Frequently asked questions about our ESMOD Fashion Design courses, school life and more.

What courses are offered by ESMOD Fashion Design?

ESMOD Fashion Design offers undergraduate and postgraduate training in 3 or 5 years in design/pattern making.

Short term courses are also offered to adults and fashion novices in Intensive Training in Fashion Design (1 year), in evening classes: Fashion Design (1 year) or Summer Courses: Fashion Design (from 1 week to 1 month) and Fashion Business.

A foundation program is also offered to students who wish to upgrade their level in French, Arts and History of Art before joining a Fashion Design course.

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Is it necessary to do specialized studies in drawing or fashion before joining ESMOD?

To enroll in the Fashion Designer Designer curriculum at ESMOD, it is entirely possible to take the first year without having studied design or fashion, since this program is designed for beginners.

However, candidates wishing to enter the 2nd or 3rd year of this program, as well as the Creative Director program, will be asked to submit a portfolio of work in fashion design and pattern making in order to evaluate and confirm their level.

Do I need to know how to draw or sew before entering ESMOD?

No, it is quite possible to start as a beginner for our 3-year “Fashion Designer” program

How many hours per week are there in the Fashion Designer course? What is the typical schedule?

The number of hours taught per week is approximately 25 to 30 hours.

Fashion design and pattern making courses are held in half-day sessions: 8am > 1pm or 2pm > 7pm.

In addition to these core courses, complementary courses (Textiles, Trends, Marketing, Fashion English, etc.) are offered throughout the week.


Is it possible to work outside of class, does the schedule allow it?

During your time studying at ESMOD, it seems difficult to be able to get a job during the week due to your academic workload. However, part-time jobs during the year or on weekends may be possible.

Can I take French classes at ESMOD?

Depending on the programs, French courses are often included. However, if this is not the case, there are many institutions offering French courses at low prices in Paris. For example, the Alliance Française offers French courses for all language levels.

Are there internships required for the Fashion Design program?

Yes, mandatory internships are included in both of our degree program curriculums:

Fashion Designer:

  • 2-month internship in 2nd year
  • Internship of 3 to 6 months in 3rd year

Creative Director:

  • Internship of 6 months in 5th year


Each student is free to carry out additional internships during school holidays (but only outside class hours)

Does the school help its students find internships?

While the school does not look for internships for its students, we are happy to help and guide them in their efforts.

To find these internships, students have at their disposal the ESMOD CAREER platform on which companies come to post their internship announcements.

The Career Development Services provides students with ongoing support through various media, conferences, etc. :

  • Guide to fashion professions
  • Guide for the Future Interns
  • Internship Search and Technique Course (TRS)
  • List of recruiting companies
  • recruitment partnerships

Can the Fashion Design courses be completed on a work-study basis with an alternance?

The volume of hours of our degree programs being too high, ESMOD cannot offer any work-study alternance programs. The compulsory internships are therefore there to give you the benefit of this essential professional experience.

Does ESMOD offer exchange programs with different international schools?

Yes. These exchange programs are as follows:

Exchanges within the ESMOD network
Exchanges in the ERASMUS network +
Exchanges in our network of partner schools (France and outside Europe)

For more info check our Global Reach page