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Expos review - Panorama of expos 2019 (Febuary 2019)

Panorama of the biggest fashion, textiles, costumes and beauty exhibitions

ESMOD at the forefront of innovation at the Avantex show

From February 11th to 14th, ESMOD exhibited on Avantex Paris Fair, in partnership with Techtera and CETI (European Centre for Innovative Textiles) on the theme of sustainable development and know-how. (Parc des Expositions - Le Bourget)

Creations exposed:
- François Laurendeau - ESMOD Paris, specialization Menswear (2018)
- Lorena Mazo French - ESMOD Lyon, specialization Unisex (2018)
- Cécilia Célébi - ESMOD Paris, specialization Knitwear (2018)
- TECHTERA X ESMOD Lyon (2018) project with PORCHER INDUSTRIES fabrics

ESMOD participates in the First CESUM Session

Although engineering and creation often seem to be from different worlds, today everything becomes more and more intertwined - the Conference of the Higher Schools of Fashion has launched the initiative to bring creation and engineering together for a collaboration, in order to offer an ever more advanced and innovative education in fashion & textile.

ESMOD présents its "Patrimony" Collection

In order to trace the history of the garment (and the costume) from XVIII to XX century, ESMOD has recently assembled a "Legacy" collection for the students, using the personal archives. The presented costumes from the collections of UFAC (French Union of Costume Arts) and Vestiaire de Mireille Tembouret, show the evolution of men’s and women’s clothes, and of the lingerie and accessories as well. A wonderful immersion into the heart of fashion history was complemented by conferences of our specialist Xavier Chaumette, who works with our students in fashion design and fashion business.

Fashion Week Experience at ISEM Paris

From January 15th to 18th, during the fashion week, ISEM presented its Fashion Week Experience on the theme of Africa by inviting several fashion designers to present their brands.
On the program: conference on the protection and transmission of know-how for local development in Africa, contemporary fashion in Africa, a round table of young creators, private screening of the film Wax in the City, concert, performance of artists ...
A very rewarding week for our students wh organized this event with professionalism!

An ESMOD alumni wins Porto ModaPortugal 2018 contest

Our freshly graduated student (Program "Creative Director") Zhikai Yang has won 2 prizes in Porto ModaProtugal contest 2018: The prize for France and the Grand Prize for which students from the best fashion schools of Europe have been competing! The 2 other ESMOD alumni : Celena Delval (ESMOD Roubaix) and Lorena Mazo French (ESMOD Lyon), have presented impressive collections that showed the ESMOD savoir-faire !


ISEM Paris & Roubaix Class of 2018 has graduated !

On Tuesday December 11th, students from 3rd, 4th and 5th year at ISEM Paris and ISEM Roubaix received their diplomas during the graduation ceremony which took place in Pantin, in the presence of the class, their friends, juries and ESMOD-ISEM team.
Thanks to Youssouf Fofnana, the founder of the brand Maison Chateau Rouge, who represented this class of 2018 and who had such good words to congratulate our students.
We wish them the best career in their professional life !

More info about our Fashion Business programs :

ESMOD-ISEM on the top of the global fashion schools' rankings

The asian magazine Wardrobe Trends Fashion  has just given ESMOD-ISEM the 6th place in its best international Fashion Schools top 100 ! In this ranking, ESMOD-ISEM is the 1st  of all other French schools!

An Esmod alumni wins the 1st Prize of Japan Touch Fashion Award 2018

Congratulations to Béatrice Barraud (ESMOD Paris - Class of 2018 - Specialisation "Stage Costume") who won the 1st Prize of the

5th year students of ISEM have just had their juries

On Tuesday and Wednesday November 20th-21st, our 5th year students of Manager of International Development in Fashion and Luxury Industry program have presented their thesises in front of a jury of professionals. During 6 months of Professional immersion, our students have observed the organisation of fashion & luxury companies in order to plant marketing and communication strategies that could optimize their business.

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