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Communications Director

or Head of Communications


The Communications Director plays a vital role within the company, in close contact with corporate management. They head up their department like a true leader based on a pre-set budget. They determine and implement the communications strategy both internally and externally in line with the overall company strategy. At the head of a team that they coordinate and lead, they uphold the company’s image, its identity and the values it represents.


  • Advise general management on the evolutions in the brand’s identity and positioning internally and externally.
  • Collect strategic information concerning the company’s development and identity and showcase the work carried out within the company’s functional departments (sales, marketing, human resources, IT, etc.).
  • Determine the strategic focuses for the company’s communication in terms of image, visibility and message and establish the annual communications plan.
  • Define the company’s strategic editorial and visual media.
  • Plan and draft the annual budget for the communications department.


  • Structure and conduct strategic and opportunity studies for the international development of fashion and luxury brands
  • Oversee the implementation of fashion and luxury business development strategies in international markets
  • Design communication strategies and managing the image of fashion and luxury brands in international markets
  • Direct activities and manage marketing and sales teams in fashion and luxury companies


Very good web culture and excellent writing skills. Creativity, clear visual tenancy, great sense of image.  Management skills and a corporate culture.


Between €80K and €120K

Design : Ali Yildiz - Photo : Baris Erkan


Maéva Bouyer / Photo: Ludovic Pieterson

Initial program

“Manager of International Development in Fashion and Luxury Industries” Post Graduate Degree

State accredited Diploma with Level 7* registration under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP). Accessible via VAE (Validation of Acquired Work Experience)


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