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Fashion Designer


Fashion designers are responsible for planning, creating and designing collections, fashion products and/or accessories for fashion brands and design firms. They have expertise in the manufacturing techniques of fashion products and items and participate throughout the creative process.


  • Create and produce products for a collection under the brand’s artistic direction.
  • Monitor trends.
  • Shape an artistic universe, looks and products under the supervision of the Head.
  • Designer or Artistic Director.
  • Draw up an e-collection plan to meet commercial demand.
  • Design models (shapes, materials, colours).
  • Choose materials and supplies.
  • Collaborate with the workshop to monitor and fine-tune prototypes, as well as other departments like sales and communications.


  • Analyze trends and image for fashion brands and companies.
  • Plan and illustrate collections, clothing lines, products and accessories.
  • Create fashion products and accessories and design a pattern and a prototype to send to a fashion production workshop.
  • Control the production stages for designs; plan the presentation, promotion and image for collections, products and fashion accessories.


General knowledge of art, history and sociology, technical knowledge, a good knowledge of fabrics, finishing touches, prints and graphics, in-depth knowledge of trends and players in the industry, proficiency in English and good command of Italian, particularly for the luxury sector, give a good impression and know how to pitch a storytelling.


Between €25K for novices and €48K for experienced designers.

Design & photo : Jiang Zhefan


Designer : Damien Conçalvez

Initial program

“Fashion Designer” Undergraduate Program

State accredited diploma with Level 6 registration under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

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