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Head of Product Development

Or, Industrial Pattern Maker, Sample Room Manager, Product Development Manager


The Design Bureau Manager works in coordination with the in-house style (design and pattern making), production (technical constraints) and sales departments (market adaptation) and general management, as well as with customers and suppliers. They often travel for business.


  • Ensure the transfer between design and production workshops
  • Oversee the  design development team
  • Ensure the development and industrial production of new products
  • Conduct technical studies of models and specifications from the design brief or technical drawings
  • Intervene in accordance with manufacturing standards and technical and economical production requirements


  • Analyse trends and images for fashion brands and companies
  • Plan and illustrate collections, clothing lines, products and accessories
  • Create fashion products and accessories and design a pattern and a prototype to send to a fashion production workshop
  • Control the production stages for designs; plan the presentation, promotion and image for collections, products and fashion accessories


Autonomous, organised, curious, takes initiative, creative and proactive


Between €30K and €50K

Design : Lei Zhou - Photo : Nicolo Reveilli Beaumont


Designer : Damien Conçalvez

Initial program

“Fashion Designer” Undergraduate Program

State accredited diploma with Level 6 registration under the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP)

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