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Extension project of ESMOD Paris’ sections at Pantin
24 Nov. 15 ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

On November 24th, 2015 at 32 avenue Jean Lolive, Pantin, held a press conference initiated by ESMOD Paris and the city of Pantin, aiming to present to the journalists of the sector the...


A new address for ESMOD Lyon in January 2016
24 Nov. 15 ESMOD Lyon | France news

ESMOD Lyon is finalizing their moving to their future premises located on Les pentes de la Croix-Rousse, rue Burdeau, in the old telecommunication museum. This building registered in the urban contemporary...


Why studying Fashion & Luxury Brand Management at ESMOD ISEM?
17 Nov. 15 ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

Nowadays, the luxury sector is attracting a lot of students because it is a market that is more people wearing it. It reflects a lot of strong fashion values:...


Save the date ! Open Days and Tradeshows 2015 -2016 / ESMOD FRANCE
19 Oct. 15 ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

Throughout the year, come and meet all the network of the schools of ESMOD in France with all the events : Tradeshows, open days, workshops and many more. Don...


ESMOD Roubaix students design for CAMAIEUX
12 Oct. 15 ESMOD/ISEM Roubaix | France news

The ready-to-wear brand CAMAÏEU challenged ESMOD ROUBAIX...

ESMOD International news


ESMOD at Tokyo Design Week
28 Oct. 15ESMOD TOKYO | international news

ESMOD Paris joined ESMOD Tokyo for exhibiting French Couture Savoir-Faire during the 30th edition of Tokyo Designer Week.

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